Fire Damage Restoration

Along with water damage restoration, we also engage in fire damage restoration services. Unfortunately, fire damage is all too common. Luckily, we have the experience and credentials to help restore your home or commercial property.


Fires can start for all sorts of reasons. One of the biggest causes begins in home kitchens. Open flames on a stove can be a major hazard. The wrong ingredient can be accidentally added to a dish and cause combustion. Hair and clothes can also catch flame and cause a massive disaster. More than likely, a stove was left on by accident and caused a home fire. This can also happen if an oven is left on for too long. In any of these situations, flames can quickly rise and cause destruction. Any of these outcomes can be prevented by mindfulness in the kitchen, and a quick check of appliances before leaving the home. But if you cause a kitchen fire, our company is here to help. We offer smoke odor removal, water damage restoration services, debris removal, mold remediation services and other cleaning services to improve indoor air quality.


Another common cause of fires can be seen with electrical appliances and wiring systems. The hardware and wiring in these products might combust and cause a fire. In a worst case scenario, the wiring in a building or a home might not have been properly installed. This is a fire hazard waiting to happen. With any hope, we won’t have to be called in for these types of situations. There are some preventative steps you can to stop fire damage. For one, you don’t want to overload an outlet with too many plugged-in devices. Secondly, you want to have your wiring checked. If there is any damage or incorrect installation, get this fixed as soon as possible. If a fire still occurs, our certified technicians will be there to help you restore the damage.


One last cause of fires we will go over is from nature. Unluckily, homes and buildings can be caught up in lightning strikes. If your house or building gets struck by lightning a fire will occur. There isn’t much to do to prevent this from happening. It happens at random. And we hope this never takes place on your residential and commercial properties.


When fire damage takes place in a residence of building the first step is assessment. For free, we will come over to your property and evaluate all the fire and smoke damage. We will give you a thorough assessment and tell you what needs to be done. After this, you will be given a free quote.


If you want our restoration services, our first step will be removing water. To get rid of the fire, your property was doused in water. We will get rid of the water so we can begin our repair and stop water damage from happening. We will dry down the area and then start cleaning out any residual smoke and ash leftover from the fire. Unpleasant smells will be removed from the location. Lastly, reconstruction efforts and repairs will begin. At the end of this process, your home will look clean, brand new, and stay structurally sound. We will deal with your insurance company ourselves. You won’t have to call them up, we charge them for you.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

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Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

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Emergency Restoration

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Once we get to the location, we’ll asses the damage and give you a free estimate.

Then we will take care of all the hassle for you, we’ll deal with the insurance and claim while you can go back to your day and rest assured that at the end of the process you will have your home or business restored and back to normal in no time!

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We will help you since the first moment we arrive to the location where you had the damage. We will handle it all with the insurance while taking care of the damage and getting your property back to normal ASAP!



We will arrive to the location within 30 min , and asses the damage, we’ll be equipped and ready to start with the work.


Give you a free estimate

Once we’ll see the damage and asses it, we’ll be able to give you a free estimate on the spot.


Deal with insurance

We’ll deal with your insurance claim – we’ll make sure to be paid without you having to deal with the hassle of the payment or insurance bureaucracy.

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